Best Towel Warmers Buying Guide

It’s quite relaxing to jump out of the shower or a bathtub and wrap yourself with a nice warm towel. This is an experience that maybe you thought can only be found in Salons or Spas.  But far from that; you can comfortably achieve this right there at home by purchasing the best towel warmer for your bathroom. 

Our team has been doing an intensive research on some of the top rated heated towel racks and we managed to identify five of them. Our review will only cover new models as most of the towel warmers that have been hyped are now past time. Make sure you go through the factors to consider section so that you get to know how we choose the best towel warmers. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Towel Warmer

Before committing to purchase a towel warmer for you bathroom, you need to consider the following;

Energy Efficiency

Keeping in mind that you need to manage your daily budget, energy efficiency is a key factor when it comes to choosing the best towel warmer. To help you optimize energy efficiency, there are warmers that deliver constant surface temperatures provided by unique elements which draw power in cycles rather than continuously. This means you get to enjoy the benefits of a heated towel rail along with impressive energy savings.

Running Cost

With the business of getting through the daily economic worries, your heated towel rail should be one less thing to worry about. The best towel warmers in the market come with a built-in thermostat to regulate temperature and ensure low energy consumption. This means you get on with your day knowing that your automated towel warmer does not rely on constant user input through the external switches to regulate energy consumption

Chrome or Stainless Steel

With so many alternatives and designs in towel warmers, you can be spoilt of choice. So what should you do? Although similar in appearance, hand polished stainless steel towel warmers offer increased heat outputs over the chrome ones. This with no doubt should help you purchase your all-time best towel warmer for your bathroom.

Safety Testing and Guarantee

Nothing is as pleasant as having peace of mind especially when it comes to looking after your family and home. When it comes to safety and heat control, you need a towel warmer fitted with a self-regulating thermostat and a thermal security fuse. This thermostat automatically achieves and controls the optimum operating temperature of your towel warmer. The security fuse on the other hand gives you the satisfaction in knowing that you have an additional safeguard against overheating. Moreover, you also need to purchase a bathroom towel warmer with a guarantee against all manufacturing defects that in case a common breakdown occurs within the stated duration, you can either get your appliance fixed or replaced.


When it comes to choosing the size of your towel warmer, you need also to consider factors like;  the number of people using the bathroom, the number of towels needed, the available wall space and the size of your bathroom. There are many sizes in the market for your pick, and if you can get one that suits all your needs, that without a doubt is the best towel warmer for you.

Where to install

Towel warmers are designed based on the space they are to be placed. Some are designed to be installed in zones above the bath and next to the shower; others will come as free standing, wall, floor and glass mounting. All these models come standard with concealed wiring on either the left or right hand side but can easily be adapted to allow for visible wiring if required. Due to the thermal circulation principle, rails must be mounted with the wiring at the bottom.


The sleek, streamlined look of a bathroom towel warmer adds to the visual appearance of your bathroom. You need to select a towel warmer with a finish that will pleasantly complement and impact the overall bathroom style. Bathroom towel warmers are available in a choice of polished or brushed stainless steel, black coated and white coated.

Types of Towel Warmers

Towel warmers come in a variety of styles to suit every home.  I am going to take you through five types of towel warmers you will likely come across.

Combination Towel Warmer/ Radiator

This type of towel warmer will replace your old bulky radiator freeing much needed floor space. The radiator towel warmer is connected to the hot water supply just like the heating radiator. The hot water runs through a central radiator panel and through all the horizontal racks of the warmer. It runs continuously so your towel will warm up and dry free of mold and mildew. Connect the towel radiator pipes directly and safely to the hot water piping then attach the towel warmer support bars to the wall studs in the bathroom. The radiator/warmer combination is also the most suitable for cold bathrooms as radiations will circulate evenly around your entire bathroom. If you are looking for a towel/bathroom warmer combination, this is the best towel warmer to go for.

Electric Towel Warmer Wired With Switch

This type of electric towel warmer is definitely the best towel warmer for your bathroom.  It connects directly to the electrical system. It has an on-off switch. There are models which come with a programmable timer that you can set for just a number of hours or for a certain time every day. The warmer rails are heated by internal coils that can reach up to 140°F (55°C). Some models have vertical rails supports while others have bowed rails to enable you hang up thick bath sheets. The electrical control panel and the supports must attach to the bathroom wall studs and be situated at least 12-inches from any water source that may splash onto the rails.

Electric Towel Warmer, Plug-In

This is the simplest towel warmer for your bathroom. It is easy to install and can hang from the wall studs near an electrical outlet. Just plug it in to start and unplug to turn off. They are the best for installing at cottages or college dorms where they will be used occasionally and also suitable at home where they are used all year round.

Hydronic Towel Warmers

Hydronic Towel Warmers are electrically operated. Here, the electricity warms a thick gel fluid inside the hanging racks to warm and dry towels. Cooler gel flows to the bottom and warmed gel rises and flows through the horizontal bars to the top assisted by a small pump installed inside the wall. They operate continuously to ensure even circulation of heat.

Towel Warmers with Overhead Rack

Radiators, Hydronic, and Electric towel warmers are available with this feature. You can dry washed clothes, lingerie, or other small hand-washed items on the overhead rails directly or hang wet items on hangers to dry. Ensure the towel rack supports are attached securely to the wall studs for the best results.

Benefits of a Towel Warmer

Even though you can afford a towel warmer for your bathroom, you might be curious about why you would want to purchase one. Owning a towel warmer comes with many benefits. I am going to discuss four big benefits of having a towel warmer in your bathroom.

Warm Towels and Robes

The biggest and the most obvious benefit of owning a towel warmer is to warm towels and robes. This makes every bath or shower a Spa-like experience. Rather than stepping out of the steaming hot shower or warm calming bath only to be shocked by the chill of the bathroom, you get to keep that warmth and a relaxed feeling using the best towel warmer one can get.

Dry Towels with Zero Mildew

After warming your towels and robes, a towel warmer will also dry them afterwards. You will never smell mildewed towels or robes with this heating element at home. There will be no more damp towels hanging on the wall or piled into the hamper, unleashing that awful, unpleasant smell. The rail heater dries them quickly and ensures that your towels are always smelling fresh and sweet.

Heats the Entire Bathroom

Some towel warmers come with the benefit of warming the entire bathroom in addition to warming towels. If you keep a heater in your bathroom, it will only serve one purpose but these towel warmers will pull double or triple work, one being to heat your entire bathroom area such that you will no longer step on the rug and onto the chilly tile from the bathroom to the bedroom. It keeps everything in perfect, warm and welcoming temperature.

Enhances Your Bathroom Décor

There are a wide variety of bathroom warmers on the market, many of them stunningly beautiful. If your design is stark and modern, you will be able to find a simple towel warmer with clean and beautiful lines. There are also intricate and arched designs to appeal the buyers who would prefer classic and flourished designs.  In fact there are designs for everyone; from minimalist and sleek or curved and elegant; you don’t need much to select the best towel warmer for your bathroom.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How hot do the towel warmer rails get?

A: The temperature of a towel warmer rails can vary depending on the bathroom temperature and if they are operated with or without a towel. A towel or a robe will generally hold the heat and therefore the bars will be warmer than when operated without. In general, they should be hot enough to dry and warm towels, but not too hot to cause any issues. As a guide they should get to around 50-60 degrees Celsius.

Q: What size of a towel warmer do I need to heat my entire bathroom?

A: The towel warmers have a listed heat output in BTUs (a unit of measurement for energy) or Watts. BTUs can be calculated by multiplying the watts by 3.412. When selecting a towel warmer, you should remember that it will serve at least two purposes; to heat the bathroom and to warm or dry towels and the primary job being to warm and dry towels. Warming and drying towels will often use up a significant proportion of the heat output from the rails and so it may not heat the bathroom as fully as it might if it was not laden. For this reason, if your bathroom is particularly cold, go for the warmer with the chrome finishes or you can consider a white mocha or anthracite finish that have the quality of retaining a higher surface temperature.

Q: Can a towel warmer be installed with the electrical connection on top?

A: All electrically heated towel warmers use an element to heat fluid within the rails thus setting up a convectional current around the rails. This means having the electrical heating element towards the bottom of the rail so that as it heats the fluid around it, that fluid rises starting circulation within the rails. Putting the element at the top of the rail could cause problems because the heated water would have nowhere to rise to, meaning that instead of heating the rails evenly, the corner with the element will definitely overheat while the rest of the element will remain cool. For this reason you should not install the towel warmer with the element on top.

Q: How much do they cost to run?

A: The current range vary between 65W to 130W, So you should calculate the power usage depending on the electricity tariff of your place, but they are designed in different capacities to accommodate your budget.


When it comes to picking out a towel warmer for your bathroom, your choices primarily come down to four factors: Price, capacity, running cost and style. Keep in mind that you will need to pick a model that suits your unique requirements.

My guide has considered that you need the best towel warmer for your bathroom and therefore highlighted all you need to know before you purchase one. Don’t just buy because someone says it is the best, endeavor to explore what the market has, and with my guide, I believe you will not go wrong.