Best Bathroom Exhaust Fans With LED Lights

Investing in the best bathroom exhaust fan with led light will not only get rid of moisture but also decorate and light up your space

The bathroom is a very delicate room, if it’s exposed to too much humidity you walls will succumb to damp related problems such as mildew and mold. At first, this might not seem like a big deal, but when you decide to carry out repairs and maintenance, it will cost you extra. This is where the best bathroom Exhaust fans with LED light comes into play.

You need an exhaust fan to suck out all the humidity in your bathroom and create a relaxing spa-like atmosphere. One might ask, why do I need an exhaust fan when I already have one pre-installed in my house? The problem with these pre-installed bathroom exhaust fans is that they are not as efficient as those highlighted in this article.

Bathroom Exhaust Fans With LED Light Reviews

Panasonic FV-0511VQCL1 WhisperSense Ventilation Fan With Led lighting

There is no doubt that the Panasonic FV-0511VQCL1 provides solid defense against moisture and odors in your bathroom. It is a great exhaust fan especially if your bathroom is turning into a terrarium full of moisture.

The good thing about this awesome fan is that you can use it in the bathroom, basement, laundry room or even in the garage. Below are some of the attributes I really like about the Panasonic FV-0511VQCL1.

Plenty of Features

For an exhaust fan that costs around 200 dollars, you can be sure that it will come with a shitton of features. For starters, it comes with a 10W dimmable LED chip panel and an LED night light as well.

Other than the lights, it has built-in adjustable humidity and motion sensors. These sensors come with an auto shutoff feature that increases energy efficiency.

Whisper Quiet Fan

The Panasonic FV-0511VQCL1 has a whisper quiet fan that operates at less than. 3 sones. The fan can move large volumes of air without consuming a lot of energy. At least you won’t have to worry about motor failure and overheating.


  • Straightforward installation
  • The warranty is incredible
  • Has an elegant grille design
  • You can select the speed you want


  • It is a bit expensive

Broan 678 Ventilation Fan & LED Light Combination

The Broan 678 is a small bathroom fan with a relatively simple design and an affordable price tag. It’s manufactured by Broan- a reputable company that specializes in home ventilation. Proper ventilation in the bathroom helps provide a comfortable living environment which is exactly what Broan 678 aims to provide.

Broan 678 features a classic design that should easily fit most décors. It also has the classic exhaust fan and light combinations. What this means is that the Broan 678 not only serves as a bathroom fan but also as a lighting fixture. The lighting fixture has the capacity to hold a 100-watt bulb. It also has light-diffusing lens that allows for even distribution of light.

Easy installation

The Broan 678 comes with polymeric duct connectors that have tapered sleeves which allows for easy ducting. It also has sturdy key-holed mounting brackets to facilitate for accurate installation.

Powerful motor

To achieve proper air circulation in your bathroom you need an efficient bathroom fan with a powerful motor. With this in mind, Broan equipped the Broan 678 with a plug-in motor that is permanently lubricated and has an efficient polymeric fan impeller. Such features ensure that the fan can run smoothly without the need for regular maintenance.


  • 50 CFM
  • Permanently lubricated motor
  • Shatter-resistant light diffusing lens
  • Noise level: 2.5 sones

Broan SPK110 Bathroom Fan

Has your bathroom fan become obsolete and you need a new one? If yes, the Broan SPK110 is the perfect choice for you. With this fan you can enjoy a hot shower with your favorite songs playing in the background. In simple terms, the SPK110 is an exhaust fan that comes with its own entertainment system.

Bluetooth Speakers

It has a built-in speaker that has Bluetooth technology which allows it to pair with other Bluetooth devices such as phones. Once you get into the bathroom you pair the fan with your device and get on with your business as you vibe to your favorite songs. And the best part is that the connection is wireless and the sound quality is great.

Quiet motor

The SPK110 comes with a powerful motor that is designed for continuous operation. This could prove to be a problem considering that the fan also has Bluetooth speakers. Fortunately, Broan accounted for this and installed a very quiet motor. The motor is not only quiet but it’s also extremely effective in clearing the bathroom of humid air.


  • Energy star qualified
  • Permanently lubricated motor
  • Type IC
  • Dual high-fidelity sensonic speakers

Panasonic FV-11VHL2 Exhaust fan With LED light

If you are planning to renovate your home and in the process change a few ventilation appliances, you might want to consider installing an appliance such as the Panasonic FV-11VHL2 bathroom fan. It’s arguably one of the best bathroom Exhaust Fan with LED light as it will efficiently detect humid air in your bathroom and eliminate the excess moisture together with the bad odors.

Its efficient working mechanism can be attributed to the high-tech heating element that is installed in the fan. The high-tech heating element, also known as WhisperWarm comprises of a 1400 W stainless steel heating element, thermal fuse protection and a 3-level safety device.

Ceiling heater

It’s a chilly morning, you’ve just woken up from your cozy bed and you are headed for the bathroom. You would expect your bathroom to cold, right? Well, not anymore. With the Panasonic FV-11VHL2, you can now enjoy the comfort of a warm bathroom especially during winter.


According to the manufacturer, the FV-11VHL2 runs cooler than most of its counterparts which means it run for longer and will require very little or no maintenance. Unlike most motors, the FV-11VHL2 has a very little chance of overheating and as a result it’s less likely to result in motor failure.


  • Stainless steel heating element
  • 110 CFM
  • Continuous motor operation
  • High-tech heating element
  • Great quality lighting

NuTone 9093WH Deluxe Ventilator With Lighting

Nutone is a renowned brand in the residential ventilation industry. Over the years, they have come up with some of the most innovative ventilation appliances as well as high performance ventilation systems. Among their top products is the NuTone 9093WH, a bathroom fan that also doubles up as a heating and lighting fixture.

You might think the heating and lighting features are unnecessarily but they are not. You see, you don’t have to switching on your ventilation system or heating system just for a single room. Instead, you can install the NuTone 9093 Deluxe Ventilator in your bathroom to provide heating, lighting and ventilation when you need it.

Efficient Heating Element

The NuTone 9093 comes with a 70 CFM ventilation fan that should provide enough ventilation in your bathroom. It also has a 1500-Watt heating element whose function is to heat your bathroom and maintain the preferred temperatures and humidity levels.

Lighting system

In addition to the fan and the heater, you also get a lighting system that comprises of a 7-Watt nightlight and 100-Watt incandescent lighting. The 100-Watt incandescent light should be bright enough to illuminate every corner of your bathroom. Whereas, the 7-Watt night light is perfect for early mornings or late nights especially if you have trouble adjusting to bright light.

Key Features

  • Bright incandescent lighting
  • 3.5 sone sound level
  • 1500 W heating element
  • 7-Watt nightlight

Broan 655 Heater Bathroom Fan With Light

Broan offers a wide range of ventilation fans ranging from high performance fans to ultra-quiet fans. They are leaders in the ventilation industry and aim to improve indoor spaces with their ventilation appliances. Broan has a vast product line that consists of products such as Broan 655- a stylish a fan designed to fit any décor.

Efficient heating and ventilation fan

With the Broan 655, you don’t have to ventilate or heat your entire house just to get the bathroom warm. Instead, you can install the Broan 655 in your bathroom and enjoy a late night shower in a warm and well ventilated bathroom.

The Broan 655 has a powerful plug-in motor that delivers high-efficiency performance and runs very quietly. It also has a 1300 Watt heater and a 100 W bulb with a snap-in light diffusing lens.


  • Type IC
  • 1300 W Heater
  • The fan, heater and light can either function independently or together
  • 70 CFM
  • 4.0 Sones

How To Choose A Good Bathroom Exhaust Fan

You just got this nice looking house with everything just the way you like it except for the bathroom. It doesn’t have an exhaust fan or it has an old exhaust fan. What do you do? Simple, buy the best bathroom exhaust fan with LED light to not only ventilate your bathroom but to also provide light.

Here are the features and factors you should consider:

Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) rating

This basically means the volume of air that a fan can move per minute. A fan with a high CFM rating will move more air than a fan with a lower rating over the same period. Typical bathroom fan range from 50 CFM to 150 CFM. The larger the fan the higher the CFM rating.

The size and CFM rating of the bathroom fan will depend on the size of your bathroom. You want a bathroom fan that is powerful enough to completely swap humid air for fresh once every 7.5 minutes.

Bathroom exhaust fan installation

Bathroom fans can either be installed in the ceiling or on the wall which means that the type of exhaust fan you choose will depend on where you want to install it. Make sure that the fan can vent air efficiently and is compatible with your ventilation system.

Noise level

Although you want a powerful bathroom fan to clean the air in your bathroom, be sure to check the noise rating. The best bathroom exhaust fan with LED light should not only have an above average CFM rating but it should also be ultra-quiet.

You don’t want to be in a bathroom taking a shower or a dump with an exhaust fan that sounds like a jet engine.

When you wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, you don’t want to be disturbed by the annoying noise of a loud fan. Always check the sone rating before buying a bathroom fan. Preferably, choose a fan with a sone rating lower than 5.0.

Energy Rating

A bathroom fan should be a low power consuming appliance. The lower the power consumption, the lower your energy bills will be and you will also have a smaller carbon footprint. Note that a large fan does not necessarily mean that it consumes more power than a smaller fan. Instead of checking and comparing the sizes, compare the specifications against other important features.

Humidity sensor

Having a built-in humidity sensor could be an added advantage as it automatically turns the fan on every time the humidity levels rises past the normal level. Once the level hit safe levels, the humidity sensor turns of the fan.


You will want to choose a bathroom fan that will last for long. It doesn’t have to be an expensive fan, it just needs to be powerful enough to ventilate the bathroom as required. This also doesn’t mean that you should go for substandard products, sometimes buying an expensive appliance ensures that you don’t have to buy another one prematurely.

Preferably, opt for brush-less fans as they don’t require any maintenance or regular servicing. Also, choose a fan that has a permanently lubricated motor as you will never have to lubricate your motor.
And since bathroom fans are often exposed to too much moisture, it is advisable that you choose a fan that is made of rust resistant materials such as stainless steel. A rust –resistant paint is an added advantage. The outer housing of the bathroom should either be made of plastic or galvanized metal to protect the motor from damage caused by salt deposits or moisture.


It’s always advisable to choose a product with a reasonable warranty especially if it’s an electrical appliance. Avoid limited lifetime warranties as they only cover manufacturer’s defects and they are often limited to certain parts.

Opt for a warranty that spans 1-5 years as you are guaranteed to get a replacement or repair if your fan breaks down within the period.

Other features

Now that you have a fan that meets your requirements, you can either choose to continue looking for advanced features or be contented with what’s available. Additional features include LED lights built into the fan as a way to illuminate the bathroom when the need arises. Such a fan should also have a nightlight for early morning or late night showers.

Another feature is Bluetooth compatibility and Bluetooth speakers. The latest exhaust fans come with a Bluetooth enabled speaker that can be paired with your smartphone for soothing music as you take a shower.

Also be on the lookout for fans with built-in heaters. This is a feature you don’t want to miss especially if you live in a cold area or you experience chilly mornings.


Don’t let your budget limit or control the type of bathroom exhaust fan you get. Sometimes it’s worth it to wait a few more weeks or months to get what you want. When you are finally ready to buy a bathroom fan, look for one with a heater, a Bluetooth speaker and an LED light.

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