Benefits Of Having Plants In Bathroom

If you’re a frequent Pinterest or Instagram user, you may have noticed a rising trend of having plants in the bathroom. It may seem odd to some, but it is quite beneficial.

Houseplants are not only meant for the bedroom and living room. You can comfortably place them in your bathrooms and you will be surprised by how well they thrive. 

I have compiled some of the benefits and I hope they will change your perception of having plants in the bathroom. 

Improving Air Quality

With the amount of pollution that happens indoors, it is imperative to have air plants that will purify the air. Besides, the bathroom will always have some odors lingering in there and this will obviously cause discomfort. Instead of using air fresheners all the time, you can invest in the best bathroom plants for smell. 

Boosts your energy 

Taking a shower is a guaranteed way to increase your energy. Sometimes this is not always the case. However, there is a high possibility that the sight of lush green while taking a shower will improve your mood. 

As long as you are keeping the right plants, every visit to the bathroom will give you an incredible feeling of vitality. 

Absorbs Excess Moisture

The bathroom is one of those places that you will always have to deal with moisture and dampness. You might have a good exhaust fan but it doesn’t not hurt to include some plants as well. They will work in conjunction to get rid of the moisture. 

Shower plants will breathe in the moist air and breathe out fresh air. Isn’t that cool? It sure is. As you take your steamy showers, the plants will be busy absorbing all that moisture to ensure that your bathroom remains free of dampness. 

Improves The Look Of Your Bathroom 

Upgrading your bathroom does not necessarily mean that you have to spend so much money. Sometimes it is the simple things that you do that counts. Having plenty of plants will give your bathroom a special look. Plants will definitely give your bathroom a jungle look that most people would die for. You just have to have the right plants, decorations and planters. I would recommend that you use a modern plant hanger to spice things up a little. This beaded plant hanger from amazon should do the trick. 


I believe you guys now understand the importance of having air plants in your bathroom. It is completely okay to have some bathroom buddies; they really love moisture and heat. 

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