Best Automatic Foaming Soap Dispensers

Having a soap dispenser in your bathroom comes in handy especially when washing your hands and taking showers. Nowadays companies have incorporated new technology to ensure that we get the best automatic foaming soap dispensers. In case you haven’t bought a couple for your washroom, this write up will enlighten you on the best brands in the market. 

Our Top 5 Picks

After testing and collecting information from customers and experts, we were able to pick the 5 best touchless foaming soap dispensers. We’ve highlighted all the crucial details that will help you make an informed decision. 

LDF Automatic Foaming Soap Dispenser 

If you are looking for a soap dispenser that oozes elegance and quality, then LDF is your best bet. It’s one of the latest products in the market and consumers are really satisfied with its attributes. Below are some of the key features we really like about this touchless soap dispenser. 

Outstanding Design

The design of this dispenser will give your bathroom a modern look. Most people said that the soap dispenser was so pretty and had a very unique design. Moreover, LDF has a transparent bottom to allow you to check how much liquid soap is left 

Stellar Performance 

While testing the LDF hands free soap dispenser we noticed that it works perfectly fine. Its Infrared sensor has been designed to detect your hand within a single wave. Besides, it is waterproof to ensure that it serves you for ages.

This soap dispenser is powered by 4AA batteries and has a low energy consumption. With the LDF dispenser, you won’t have to worry about dripping or wasted soap. 


350 ml capacity

No messy drips

Long durability 

30 day money back guarantee 


It might take a few tries for the foam to dispense when using it for the first time.

Blumads Touchless Soap Dispenser 

The Blumads touchless soap dispenser is currently our top pick in this roundup. There is no doubt that people are loving its sleek and modern design. You can use it in any interior including your bathroom, toilet and kitchen. Below are some of the attributes that make it our top pick. 

High Quality Construction 

As mentioned earlier, the Blumads automatic soap dispenser is designed pretty well and it is made using ABS. This dispenser will definitely serve you for a very long time because of its sturdiness. 

Battery Saving

This countertop foaming soap dispenser operates with 3 AA batteries. Moreover, it has been designed to turn off automatically after 15 seconds when not in use. 


Another cool feature we like about Blumads is the fact that its battery compartment is waterproof. Besides, the product comes with a funnel that helps you to pour liquid soap into the chamber easily. 


350 ml capacity 

Precise sensor

1 year warranty 



Lantoo Touchless Foam Soap Dispenser 

Lantoo has been in the market for quite some time and it has cemented its place in the top touchless soap dispensers. Its design is quite simple but its white color will definitely match with most countertops. 

Let’s take you through some of the cool features that make Lantoo worth every penny. 

Smart Motion Infrared Sensor 

The reason why Lantoo is highly rated is due to its precise motion sensor. You just have to wave you hand below the sensor and you will be sorted. At least it’s easy to operate, hygienic and safe. 

It’s Durable

If you are looking for a durable soap dispenser, then Lantoo is a good choice. It features a sturdy ABS construction that adds to its longevity. This explains why the company backs this unit with a one year warranty. 

It’s versatile

The other cool attribute of the Lantoo automatic soap dispenser is its versatility. It functions with all kinds of liquid soaps. Besides, you have the option of placing it on the countertop or mounting it on the wall. 


Has a 500ml capacity 

Adjustable liquid volume

Great customer service 

It’s durable 


The plastic bottle that holds the soap might crumple after a few months

Makife Automatic Foam Dispenser 

Incase you are looking for a more affordable option, then you might consider going for the Makife foaming soap dispenser. Makife creates soap foam directly making it easy to wash your hands. Below are a few features that make Makife a top notch product. 

Intelligent motion sensor

Just like all our top picks, Makife has a high quality sensor that gives a perfect user experience. The sensor ensure hygiene is maintained in your home. 

Large capacity 

Most automatic soap dispenser average about 350ml but Makife holds about 500ml of liquid soap. One refill will last you for about 2 to 3 month as long as the liquid soap is diluted at the ratio of 1:5


Adjustable soap volume

Visible bottle design 

Long durability 

Large capacity 


The design isn’t that great

Benefits of an Automatic Foam Soap Dispenser 

Spending money on an automatic soap dispenser doesn’t seem like a good idea but if you look at the hygienic part of it, then you will agree it is necessary. You will wash your hands comfortably without worrying about coming into contact with bacteria and germs. No one will transfer bacteria to the unit because there is no contact whatsoever. 

The other key benefit is convenience. People will easily wash their hands voluntarily as long as the process is easy. You just have to wave your hand under the sensor and the unit will dispense the  foaming soap. Of course the entire process will take less than 2 minutes. 

The other advantage of having a touchless foam soap is the ability to save soap. As you well know, kids tend to waste a lot of soap especially when using hand dispensers. Luckily, automatic dispensers have been designed to dispense small amounts of liquid soap to avoid wastage. 


Now that you have a list of the best automatic foaming soap dispensers, you will be in a position to choose the one that suits your budget and needs. All in all each and every unit is quite affordable so you have no excuse.

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